Campus Climate Survey Summary 2017

The Campus Climate Survey was distributed through Survey Monkey, spring semester with a 37.4% response rate. On the positive side students feel valued and safe on campus. They think administrators are concerned about their welfare.

The majority of students think the school would take a report of a sexual assault seriously and would support the person making the report. 86% of students state they have received training in policies and procedures regarding incidents of sexual assault. The low scores centered around school officials protecting students from harm, support system for students having a difficult time, and understanding the Title IX Coordinator's role.

The Advisory Committee for Campus Safety and Security met and reviewed the survey results. Suggestions for improving the low scores included: placing a blue light emergency call box on the corner of Valentine and North Seventh Street; mentioning the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan in the Student Handbook and having a copy available in the Student Lounge on the 5th floor; reinforcing that students should dial "2222" on the phones in the hallways in the event of an emergency or anything unusual; improving lighting around the parking garage, and doing a better job educating students on the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers professional counseling and support in many areas.

A representative from EAP will speak to Nursing 1 students during orientation. Faculty will speak to students about EAP and distribute literature during course orientation. The Title IX Coordinator will introduce herself as the Title IX Coordinator and speak to students during orientation.