Admissions and Enrollment

An admission information session and testing will be scheduled after transcripts, validating documents and the letter of reference are received. Nursing school applicants who meet the minimum admission standards are brought before the Admissions Committee and notified of the Committee's decision by letter. Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, the applicant must submit a nonrefundable deposit by the deadline indicated, which ensures a seat in the upcoming class.

Enrollment Procedures

  • The deposit is credited to the first-term tuition and purchase of the Nurse's Pac.
  • Outstanding liberal arts or science courses may be taken at Mercy College, or upon approval by the Registrar, other accredited colleges. The student will be automatically enrolled at Mercy College as a part-time, nonmatriculated student. Financial aid will not be available for students who choose to attend a college other than Mercy College.
  • All students must have a computer and printer or external access to a computer and printer to receive emergency announcements. Internet accessibility is essential. All students must submit a valid email address to the School of Nursing to facilitate communication with faculty and staff. Students are expected to possess basic computer literacy skills—including proficiency with Microsoft Office and e-mail.
  • Students must complete a health examination with screening tests and immunizations as required by the New York State Department of Health and affiliating agencies prior to registration.
  • Students are responsible to obtain BLS-C (CPR) training, purchase uniforms, submit for background check and drug testing, and purchase textbooks and necessary supplies prior to the first day of class.

Students are not permitted to begin the clinical experience without a background check, drug testing, health clearance and a current CPR card. A special form will be provided that must be completed before registration by the student's primary care provider. This form requires health records, screening tests and immunizations. The completed form is submitted directly to Occupational Health Services.

Accepted candidates can defer enrollment up to one year with payment of nonrefundable deposits. If registration does not occur in one year and the applicant decides to enter the school at a later date, a new application must be submitted with the appropriate fees. Admission criteria in effect at the time of reapplication will apply, and prior acceptance does not guarantee the applicant's reacceptance status.