Schaffer Extended Care Center

The Schaffer Extended Care Center at Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital is a 150-bed, comprehensive facility offering short-term rehabilitation/sub-acute care and skilled long-term care, as well as an adult day services program that provides a wide range of healthcare and social services for medically frail seniors and those with chronic conditions or disabilities. 

For more than 30 years, Schaffer's rehabilitation program has been helping cardiopulmonary, orthopaedic and surgery patients return to their homes and families. Our short-term program specializes in cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, postsurgery and stroke recovery, as well as fracture, fall and frail patient care. Schaffer Extended Care Center is part of Montefiore Health System, a premier academic medical center and the University Hospital system for Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Based on the daily screening, there have been three staff members and one resident found to be positive for COVID and quarantined.

Since March 2020:

105 residents were COVID positive;

131 staff members were COVID positive and quarantined;

1 staff member expired as a result of COVID;

11 residents expired as a result of COVID.